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Plan & Track Every Step From Ordering Supplies to Selling Products

GreensTracker allows you to track every aspect of your market garden's production process from ordering seeds to selling your finished product to customers. GreensTracker makes it super easy to plan and track every step along the way.

Beds, Crops & Chores

Plan and track every move you make during the life of your crops. Everything from sanitization to seed denisty to harvest weight is easily recorded for later review.

With GreensTracker's chore manager, you'll never forget to tend to your crops' every need and you'll always remember what you did to get that ultimate yield.

Vendors, Supplies & Orders

Keep track of all of your supplies down to the last seed. GreensTracker's supply mangement tools allow you to easliy see exactly what supplies you have on hand and what you need to order to keep your garden growing.

Market & Subscription Sales*

Track and manage all of your sales no matter who's buying! GreensTracker's order tracking suite allows you to plan for your market days and subcription services as well as tracking individual sales.

* Markets, Subscriptions, Orders and Credit Card Processing will be included in the Pro Package. For more information contact us.

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